This page is a page that describes the organization making small business consultant Watanabe, how to create and how to deliver a press release, which is one of the media strategy of the small and medium-sized enterprises by MegumiIsao, and public relations.

The press release and public relations strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises?

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You feeling that you want to PR the company will know well. “If you have compiled a good product, the audience come even though silently,” “if you sell good products, the audience come even though silently” Unfortunately, this era is now long ago . Now, marketing strategy companies that growth is to focus it, with a focus on approach to the media is a company public relations · PR strategy. So, what kind of company is taken up by the media? If making a “good product, how come even the reporter’s is silent? ” ” If you sell good products, or come even reporters who are silent? ” I’m sorry, but it does not come even wait much in such a tone. Many of the companies that are featured in the media, we have been providing information to their own mass media. so. Company that provided the information to the media stakeholders interviewed, it picked up in the media media. Through your company is public relations · PR, to contribute to society, you and the employee is the figure to share together a sense of accomplishment and joy floats to the eye. Listen to the voice of a variety of joy from the customers, you also to be realized will be. It is, we begin with you from my encounter.