Powerful PR: Hooves & Heels

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Owning a thoroughbred race horse in Japan is to be part of a very exclusive club. Only the business elite, generally, race horses in this country. To be in the Member’s Stand to watch your powerful beast burn down the straight, carrying your colours, is a massive statement about your importance. Thoroughbred racing provides great opportunities to promote yourself and your business interests in this land. As you mingle and rub shoulders with other members of this elite and exclusive club, your profile is magnified and maximised. The fine horse is a powerful symbol, not only in Japan, but all around the world.

Powerful PR: Hooves & Heels

There are not much more powerful PR opportunities than those that come with the sport of kings. The Emperor and the great warlords of our deified past all rode magnificent horses into battle. The best samurai were mounted on horses, as they charged into the fray. Japan’s past is linked to that of the finest horseflesh. To be on a horse was to be high above others, literally speaking. The horse is only for the rich and powerful people. Today, that continues in the horse racing industry, right around the globe.

As a horse owner your silks will be worn by your jockeys. This is your banner in the modern world. As your horses race toward the finish line, they carry the prestige of your company. The motif and colours you choose must represent the essence of who you are and your business interests. The name of your horse is a golden marketing opportunity. What you call this magnificent beast will inspire other lesser human beings to follow in your wake. You can bestow a powerful message upon the world through the name of your racing horse.

Admire Rakti won the Caulfield Cup in Australia, which is a big race globally; unfortunately, this horse later died running in the Melbourne Cup – one of the biggest races in the world. Australian free bets are available in this neck of the woods too. Delta Blues won this Melbourne cup in 2006, and another Japanese horse Pop Rock ran second – so we achieved what is called the quinella.  Admire Moon was another very successful racing horse, he won Japan Cup, Dubai Duty Free Stakes and Takarazuka Kinen in 2007. Dance In The Dark was another very big champion in the 1990s, winning many important races. Delta Blues is his progeny. A Shin Hikari is our new champion in 2016.

As you can clearly see, owning successful race horses is powerful PR!