Japan & The Philippines: Allies In Business & Social

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The relationship between Japan and the Philippines has changed tremendously. Although the World War II had left horrendous memories to Filipinos, it won’t come to stop in building a strong friendship to Japan. When Japan has become more progressive on economic status, the Philippines decided to participate with Japan’s growing business. The partnership started when the Philippines signed the Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (PJPEPA) in 2006 concerning bilateral investment and free trade agreement. This made the two countries relationship closer.

The bonds that bind the two countries have become stronger in the business and in the social fields. The digital marketing in Asia that is spread out all-around Asian countries especially in Japan and Philippines which helps the two countries to furthermore assist them in growing their businesses. It plays an important role in the world of business because it’s became a crucial and effective way how to market their products and services. That’s why social media management for the Asian market is very useful not only for popularity but also for continuous success of each country’s economy.

Recently, Japan and Philippines were allied against China. China was trying to take over the Philippines and Japan’s territory. When former President Aquino of the Philippines visited Japan, both parties signed a Joint Declaration for a Strengthened Strategic Partnership and its Action Plan to strengthen their defense ties. With the growing anxiety about China’s territorial claims in the East and South China Seas, the strategic partnership is a strong commitment for both countries to ensuring maritime safety and security.

Japan has become the number one trading partner and one of the top sources of investments to the Philippines. It has become known for its car manufacturing companies. The Philippine government approved the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program which provides investment incentives in the manufacture of whole body large plastic parts and other strategic parts that are not currently produced locally.

In regards with tourism, there is what they so called give-and-take relationship. Filipinos are keep coming back to Japan to visit many cultural and dining attractions with cheaper airfares and lodging accommodations. On the other hand, Japanese has considered the Philippines as the vacation destination to enjoy holidays to visit the popular Filipino tourism sites. Not only that, Japan also considered the Philippines as the perfect haven for retirement or even if just for winter season where it’s very cold and uncomfortable for Japanese senior citizens.