In the press release and public relations guidance , do you have the delivery behalf of the press release?

There is a company that will distribute a press release to hundreds of companies, in the press release and public relations guidance, do you have the delivery behalf of the press release?  Answer 1 In our support center, we do not delivery agency is. The reason is, as long as not a national company, delivery to hundreds of companies nationwide and abroad because it is unnecessary. Most of the company, local newspaper, TV station, the other, the will be enough for about 30 places in the aggregate and a leading newspaper Tokyo head office departments and affiliated magazine editorial department. Please think twice. I feel that as if I send in hundreds of companies, but, in the place that was sent to hundreds of companies, mass media medium does not matter, just is simply the trash to go. Even it does not have one that should send a few. Hundreds of companies also sent to rejoice is not you, that it is a company of the delivery agency please understand. The delivery destination of the election but please be sure. If this is the number, is on hand if you register for each item of television stations, newspapers and magazines to FAX, it is best become available delivery service of the FAX transmission company.

Do you have the sale of media delivery destination of the list ?

In our support center , we have not sold a list of media delivery destination .

The reason is I have been associated with Question 1 of the answer , unless the companies that are nationwide , pay high amount of money , because there is no such need to buy the list .

Local newspaper or TV station you want is taken up , magazines , etc. FAX number and mailing of a major newspaper , you can get easily examined .

I also , twice to buy the list , but there is that you have an investigation , honest story , the list did not become useless .

The reason is simple .

1 . Representative FAX number is listed , not a FAX number, such as editing section and the news department who is the bottom line reporters .

2 . Already not used number .

Do you have a correction of the press release ?

In this website , the correction of the press release is received , either undergo a correction service of the press release , there are two patterns of or receive advice become separate support member .In addition , for those who make the first time the press release , we have also carried out a document creation service of the press release . Click here for press release creation service .

If you want to receive a correction in the single-shot , please visit the page of the corrections service .

In this website , but does not publicly advertised , it has become a service of the popular .