About Us

Emihito Howard Joiman

As a management consultant (small and medium-sized enterprises consultant), membership-based practice cram school “Emihitojuku” operates a.

I have small and medium-sized retail, restaurant and service industries, building industry, coating industry remodeling industry and dental clinics to this, such as, provide the know-how and wisdom that has been cultivated through the public relations support towards the wide range of industries thing which was established in order to.

Now, now I receive a consultation from the people of a wide range of industries such as those in the direction of home sales industry and renovation industry.

However, if, when it was for you to know the first time that I, also in order to build a future good relationship, please be aware of my thinking.

I am a small business consultant, originally, there is a history that has been working as a comedian.

I, on the go by thriving shops, we emphasize the involvement of human beings.

That’s why, instead of advice transient techniques and know-how, we support the implementation of the strategy and tactics for the medium and long term prosperity.

And, the company’s president, who is your edge there was your relationship is, the going to grow steadily thriving shops, is a main role is to follow up firmly.

Therefore, Toka become somehow technique, the person who thinks that there may be tricks in order to make money, management consultants because it stink in the world, please looking for a person of another.

What is important in helping to create a thriving store, not the “amount of knowledge” and “management techniques”. Much less, etc. “to imitate the success stories of other stores”, is Ichiri without there great damage.

Reality problem, such as other stores imitate the store, it will not collapse, instantly. Two years ago of Genghis Khan boom would be new to the storage. As soon it became a hot topic, but the shops of Genghis Khan has been increased in many places, no longer in the blink of an eye. In other words …,

The important thing to grow as a thriving shop is as it totally different.